Joint Session with SLaTE 2023

On 19 August 2023 SIGUL 2023 will have a Joint Session with SLaTE 2023, the 9th Workshop on Speech and Language Technology in Education, organized by SLaTE, the ISCA Special Interest Group on Speech and Language Technology in Education.

SIGUL-SLaTE joint goal is to accelerate the development of spoken language technology for under-resourced languages through education.

Papers are invited specifically on the two following themes:

  1. Educational Technologies and minority/endangered languages;
  2. Educational Technologies, Disability and Inclusion in a minority language context.

Presentations illustrating tried and tested approaches as well as demonstrations of particular systems related to the two special themes are particularly welcomed.

Possible additional issues to be discussed:

  • Has educational technology a key role to play in:
    • the preservation of the endangered language?
    • the inclusion of those with disabilities?
  • Are different approaches in technology-building required in the case of an endangered language?
    • Which are the specific challenges for under-resourced languages?
    • And which are the potential solutions?
  • Multinational vs indigenous approach:
    • To what extent can development be left to the multinationals?
    • Which is the role of the community (language communities, educationalists, disability groups) in all aspects of application design and development?
  • Disability:
    • How to include a minority within the minority?
    • Technology as a key to inclusion?
  • The role of the linguist:
    • Are they important?
    • If so, why they are important?